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HTFSE Terp Sauce Tripple Passed Distillate Natural Terpenes 510 Threaded

Green Supreme’s new line of vape cartridges is everything you’ve wanted out of your vape cartridge and more. These high-quality vapes are crafted with ultimate care and precision to ensure perfect functionality and an even better puff. Green Supreme fills every cartridge with 500 mg. of pure THC distillate to provide potent, tasty hits that will help you feel your best. 
Right now, the market is flooded with subpar vape cartridges and pens that burn your hits and hurt your throat. That’s precisely why Green Supreme decided to step in. This brand has crafted one of the best lines of vape cartridges in the Canadian cannabis scene. Green Supreme uses only AAAA+ grade flowers from only the most significant, trusted resources. By extracting the oils from top-shelf buds, the product will contain much higher THC levels, cannabinoids, and flavonoids that create an overall better, more potent experience. 
Green Supreme’s vape cartridges are available in many different flavors depending on which appeals to you most. From fruity strains to gassy strains and everything in between, Green Supreme makes their vape pens so that every taste and preference can find the perfect option. They currently offer this pen in Blue Dream, Cherry Pie, Gelato #33, Golden Pineapple, Grapefruit, Grape LA, Lemon Jack, Strawberry Banana, and Twisted Citrus. 
The suggested use for vape pens is going to differ depending on your personal experience. If you’ve never tried a vape pen before, Weed Smart urges you to start with a super low dose and make your way up from there. With the pen, begin by inhaling for just a few seconds before exhaling. After your first hit, wait at least 15 minutes before taking another. Waiting for this amount of time will allow you to see whether or not you’re experiencing the effects you’re hoping for. 
If just one hit isn’t enough, you can always take another. Regardless, always take time in between hits to guarantee that you’re not smoking too much. Cannabis takes time to start working, so be patient. After just a few minutes, you’re welcome to consume more if you feel your body can handle it. 

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