As the name suggests, hybrid marijuana strains are made by crossbreeding different strains of cannabis. Such varieties are made to give you the best of both worlds. Hybrids can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Indica-dominant hybrids: the primary strain in such hybrids is Indica, with lower levels of THC and a higher concentration of CBD. A Sativa strain is added to balance the sedating effects of the hybrid’s Indica-driven nature. Indica-dominant hybrids may prove effective for combating chronic pain, inflammation, and mental disorders without making the user feel too sleepy.
  2. Sativa-dominant hybrids: these are hybrids with higher ratios of THC to CBD. Sativa genes are significantly higher than in Indica-dominant hybrids. The Indica genes are added to balance the cerebral stimulation and slightly increase CBD levels in the strain, so it doesn’t make the user feel dizzy, confused, or anxious.
  3. Pure hybrids: also known as even hybrids, this type of marijuana flowers comes with an equal ratio of both strains and produces well-balanced effects that affect both the body and mind. You can use pure hybrids throughout the entire day.