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Is CBD good for my dog?

You have probably been online and searched for ways to help your furry friend with these issues as well as many others and keep seeing the use of CBD, but just are not sure if it’s really helpful or if it might be harmful. 
Unfortunately, there are no studies to show exactly how CBD oil affects dogs but many doctors and veterinarians have looked into the product to see how it can help them. While many states are still working through the legalization of marijuana, some forms of CBD are legal in most states, so long as they are derived from hemp and not marijuana, or the flower, itself. 
This is being followed by many researchers in states where marijuana has been legalized and research is beginning in many avenues on how it can benefit both humans and animals alike. 
So, is CBD good for your dog? Let’s dive in and see what we can learn about CBD oil and how it can help our K9 friends. 

Hemp Vs Marijuana

First off, it’s good to note the big difference between hemp and marijuana. Marijuana is not good for dogs. The THC in marijuana that gives you the psychoactive high can affect humans and dogs. One big problem is that it is hard to figure out dosages and a high dose can be very toxic for dogs. 
With that in mind, be sure to keep all of your marijuana up and out of reach of your dog so that you don’t have the misfortunate mishap of your pet getting into your stash. This could be very harmful for your dog, and we want to make sure we keep them safe and out of harms way. 
Hemp, or the pieces that are not the bud, leaf, or resin, contains CBD and has a much lower THC level at about .3%, so it is non-toxic and non-psychoactive. This makes it a better choice for your fluffy friend.

How CBD Oil Can Help Dogs

Much like CBD oil can help people, it can also do relatively the same thing for dogs. It helps with things like inflammation, sleep, anxiety, mood, metabolism, immune system response, seizures, and more. CBD oil targets receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which both humans and dogs have. This system affects your brain, skin, stomach, heart, and even your mood. This is how CBD helps give balance to you and your dogs body. 
Some dog owners have reported seeing their pets go from not eating anything and sitting in a dark corner of the room all day, and barely moving, to being the jumping, lovable, active pup they were in their prime. In fact, a study by Colorado State University in 2016 of Canna-Pet customers showed that 64% of dog owners felt that hemp products helped their pets either moderately or a great deal. 
While experts strongly suggest using caution while trying CBD oil products with your pets, they understand that it gives many benefits for them with no side effects, aside from being a little drowsy. As with anything new that you try for yourself or your dog, start with a small dose to see how it affects them and gradually increase over time if necessary. Remember that this does not mean CBD oil is a cure-all for any issues your dog might have. Always consult your veterinarian if you see any issues arise with your pet. 

What Types Of CBD Can I Give My Dog

As with humans, CBD oil comes in many different forms that you can give to your dog. You can find anything from tinctures, capsules, dog treats, and topicals for your furry friend. With CBD being a growing industry, and people seeing the potential and rise for CBD oil for pets, there are many ways you can go about giving your dog the relief they need. 
Before purchasing a CBD product for your pet, keep in mind that not all CBD oils are made equal. Always check the label for these specific things to know you are getting something that will not harm your pet. 
  • Look for third-party testing so that you know the product was lab tested for potency and strength.
  • “Full-spectrum” CBD oil is another key phrase to look out for. This means that this CBD oil contains all compounds found naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. 
  • Organically sourced CBD is also a key indicator that you are getting a natural oil without any use of pesticides for growth. 
  • Don’t go for the cheap option. You want to make sure that you are getting a good, high-quality product for your dog that won’t contain anything harmful like pesticides, heavy metals, or herbicides. 
  • Check the analysis of the CBD product. There should always be a certificate from the manufacturer that describes the amount of CBD in the product. You want to look closely at this certificate to make sure that there is little to no THC in the product as that would be harmful for your dog. 
It’s also important to know that hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same thing. Hemp oil that does not state that it contains CBD will not have the same benefits as CBD oil. Always be sure to check the label and it will tell you exactly how much CBD is in the product. The more CBD, the higher the price. 


In the end, whether you decide to use CBD oil for your dog is ultimately up to you. Make sure you do your research and make sure that you are buying the best product for your dog to help them with whatever they may need.
Whether it be for joint pain or anxiety, you can find a CBD product that is perfect for your pet. Always remember to check the label before purchasing any product and make sure that it will be safe for your favorite K9 companion.